Monday, December 13, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday
I was browsing through some blogs when I found this Mellow Yellow Blog Hop. Honestly it made me think about how obsessed my older daughter was with the color yellow when she was a toddler. Go figure,
now her favorite color is black. LOL.. When she was younger I was a car saleswoman and I worked at a Chevy/VW dealer. She would occasionally come to work with me where my boss had set aside a bank for her to save up for the yellow VW Bug that she wanted so bad.

It is a grand memory as it brings me to her 3rd Christmas when I decided to buy her a yellow car bed that looked like a VW Bug. The box was way too big to fit into my apartment and so I had to take all the pieces out of the box. It gets better cause not only was the box too big to fit in my door but I bought this thing two months before Christmas. The pieces would not fit in the closet either. So, I wound up giving it to her early. There are no screws or tools needed to assemble this bed. Sounds great eh?  NOT SO GREAT!!! It took me 4 hours to put this damn bed together and three people. The instructions were insane and it was very awkward. The parts were big and odd shaped. On the up side, my daughter loved her bed and it lasted a long time. I had the bed through three children. Although I got rid of it because they used it as a jungle gym. I look back and it was all really funny.

Now for my mellow yellow photo.....

Such a bright and sunshiney 
happy color....!!!!


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Kim, USA said...

Hi! I love that yellow cab as kids bed. They are so cool. Great shot on your yellow photos. Thanks for sharing!
MYM-Flame of fire

Chubskulit Rose said...


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