Monday, March 14, 2011

Having Faith With Special Needs

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I went out this weekend to do the Shamrock run with my niece. I was not expecting to run. I thought I was going to watch the parade. Until, my children wanted to be in the run. So, what did I do? I ran and walked in the parade about 2.5 miles with my children. Thankfully my sister was able to take Buddy cause he was tuckered out but my lil man Chucky Cheese walked the whole thing. Except for the times he was carried in between, but, he walked the whole time. LOL.. I think the hardest part was in the beginning when they shot the gun off and Chucky started flapping and spinning and Buddy covered his ears and cried. My poor babies. So I cuddled for a minute and picked Buddy up, almost getting trampled but hey, my babies needed me. Then off we went. It was a bit crowded at first but with how slow my kids went we were soon in open space and it was wonderful. Great exercise for them. So, what is the point of all of this?

I guess, I just wanted to allow you to experience my joy and pride in my boys. They overcame a lot of struggles yesterday and did an amazing job. I think sometimes, as parents with children with special needs, we tend to overprotect or avoid certain situations for a fear of their tolerance. I am not exempt because there are times that I will say nope, can't do that cause he can't handle it. Well, frankly I have been wrong and while they may have had moments it was not nearly as bad as I would have thought. I just want to give the knowledge that your child needs your faith to grow. If you never let them experience things for fear of their reaction, not only will you never know how they will react but they will never learn how to react. 

I know how tough it can be because there may be times that it does NOT work out as you would like but I do know that it is all a learning experience and in order to learn they have to experience. A good example of this would be my latest visit to the doctor with Chucky Cheese. She was amazed at how far he has come in the last couple years. He went from being a totally disconnected child who was entirely non verbal to a verbal one who visits our world much more often. Yes, we have rough days but he has improved and comparing it to last year I am amazed. He really has made a lot of progress. 

To wrap this up I think that we as parents need to give our children the room to grow and explore their world. They need to learn how to maneuver in the world. Make sure that they know you have the confidence in them to achieve whatever they may want to achieve. While they may not reach their goals at least you are supporting them and showing them that you have faith they can achieve them. They will surprise you so keep your minds open.  

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Their Literal World

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Charlie Brown Christmas Tree ShoppingImage by K!T via FlickrIt has been a very hectic time for my family so I have taken some time away from blogging. I am trying though and I am constantly thinking about things I want to blog about but can't seem to write it out. I am just so packed with new information and I need time to process and sort it all out. I hope you all understand. As I signed in this morning I noticed that my audience has grown quite a bit and that makes me happy. Are you wondering what topic I am going to rant about today?

Have you ever said something to someone and had it interpreted completely wrong? Imagine hearing everything that way. Children on the spectrum go through this everyday and it must be confusing. A friend that I spoke to said that it is almost like living in a different country and only having a limited knowledge of their language so everything is strange and unorganized. Another friend described it as a Charlie Brown episode and only hearing certain words in a conversation.

I bring this up because the other day my son came home from school really excited and confused. He was telling me a story about his speech therapist and how she had asked him to help her make copies of her copy of the school. He said she lifted the whole school and made a copy of it. I was laughing so hard and got yelled at for laughing. He did not think it was funny at all. He seriously envisioned her lifting the school and putting it on the copy machine. He said she was very strong!

This was a prime example of how literal our children are. I remember when he was little and I had said it was raining cats and dogs and he was looking for the cats and dogs in the sky. It was pretty funny but it also showed me how literal they really are.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strangers Are Good For Many Reasons.....

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I have noticed lately that my posts are not getting many comments. I hope that this is not because of the pathetically depressing posts my fingers are typing. I know that in my blog I mostly discuss my children and how having special needs children is as a household. I try to keep it positive because there are positive aspects. Last week though is a complete blur. I have been recovering my sanity and I found the perfect cure. Listen up this is good!!!

During my mental breakdown, that was seriously triggered by a diagnosis, I called my local Mental Health. I  cried and told them I needed an appointment really quick. They got me in amazingly quick, they probably though I was going to go postal if they didn't. Yes, I was that upset. It was ridiculous but normal. I went into the appointment and was a bit nervous because I haven't needed therapy in almost 5 years. I was taking 20 steps backwards, or so I thought. You see in 2 hours I explained my whole issue. He asked how I was and I said, I;m here, and I'm still alive. He nonchalantly said, well thats two points for you. I don't know why but he was comforting and easy to talk to, although I am sure that any stranger that would listen to me cry and complain for two hours would have worked. I just chose the costliest method.

I explained about my boys and all that had happened for the week. I explained why I felt to blame and even asked a few questions, but he didn't have to answer them because I answered them myself.  I probably sounded like a ranting lunatic that wasn't even coming up for air. But... After I vented, he said the most amazing words. He told me that he would be overwhelmed as well and it was overwhelming to listen to. While a part of me says that it is his job to make me feel better I want to believe that he understood. I can say that after I left the appointment I felt so much better. I started eating regularly again and I was happy. I slept really well that evening as well and the next day I felt like I could conquer anything. I think I was feeling a grief for my son and I had to release it  before I could move on.

Well the Mental Health agency called me yesterday to appoint me a therapist. Funny right? I told her that I wouldn't be able to go in for a couple weeks cause my son had appointments. I also told her that I wasn't sure I needed to go in at all because their intake worker was amazing and I felt 150% better after I talked with him. She stated that was great but it might be good to have a support there through this stressful time. I wonder if she really meant that or of she was saying it because of her paycheck. I am going to appease her and go back. My old therapist left and I was with her for a long time. I guess I should at least make sure that I have my mind together.
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